Patient Comments

"You have done a great job on my teeth. You and your staff are very sincere and concerned about your patients. Thanks."- Patricia Neher

"In the office or on the phone, from the other side of the globe, Dr. Woody and his staff are lovely, kind, compassionate, and helpful. I recommend the office to all."- Kristyn Mahle

"Dr. David Woody and his staff have made every endeavor to make my dental care comfortable and fearless. He has become the their most important person in my life - behind God, and my husband. When I move to Tennessee, I will fly back to Michigan for my dental work."- Carole Wilson Edwards

"I am in my forties and thought I would never have a beautiful smile because I had dark gums and caps that you definitely could tell were caps. I was discouraged that I would have to live with that old fashioned cap look. My teeth looked unnatural and I was very unhappy. I was considering have my teeth extracted and getting dentures. Dr. Woody presented me with different options to choose from. I am so glad he did. I am thankful to Dr. Woody and his wonderful staff for achieving what I thought was the impossible. I have great dental work and a gorgeous smile."- Jan Morris